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doctor who?
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Hoorah! A Doctor Who fanvidding community!


1. Be nice. Pass the biscuits round.

2. Feel free to go ahead and post fanvids, but please use this template (or something like it):

Title: (of the video... if this differs from the song title)
Made by... (see above. livejournal username or email address, if you like)
Details: (size, duration & file type)

3. If your video is hosted on YouTube and embedded into your post, out of consideration please put it behind a cut, as embedded videos have been known to cause problems with people's friends pages in the past and so on.

4. Do NOT dissect other people's videos to create your own. If you need Doctor Who footage, there are plenty of other places to get hold of it without too much difficulty. (If you're really at a loss, feel free to ask for info at this comm in a locked post.)

5. LJ cuts are also obligatory if you're posting something spoiler-y, as should go without saying.

The odd OT posts is fine (as long as it's at least partly relevant), as with vid suggestions and requests, which are more than welcome. :)

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